A support group for Crossdressers, Transgenders, and their Families in Central Florida.
  Our group publishes a monthly newsletter called FEM to inform you of the groups activities and other related items. FEM is emailed, or snail mail deliveries can be arranged. The newsletter provides an opportunity to share our feelings, info, & support throughout our group.
Wives and partners of crossdressers are a mainstay of our organization. Our meetings are a social event that includes a meal shared with friends. Wives and partners share a space where we are able to be open, and enjoy each others company. A Sense of Humor is required! Sharing experiences with others who have been there and understand, and getting advice or a sympathetic ear is priceless!
As many wives have said, “FEM meetings are THE place where I can be open, honest and I don’t really have to explain myself, or my husband! It is a relief to go to a social event together as ourselves, without worrying about Who Knows What ! “
Phi Epsilon Mu maintains an active online forum in the form of a Yahoo group. Latest news, stories, contacts, outings, plans, birthday wishes, etc. are always being posted. It’s a wonderful and fun way for our membership to stay in touch between meetings.
Our monthly meetings are events. Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, New Years plans, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Gay Days outings, July 4th barbeques, charity auctions, and EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE… HALLOWEEN!!
Phi Epsilon Mu is also known as the Central Florida Sisters, or FEM for short. We have a FAQ Sheet available for anyone who wants to learn more about us.  Membership is required to receive our monthly newsletter and have access to our Private chapter chat group.  Our members come from all over Florida and many enjoy associations with other Crossdresser or Transgender support groups in other parts of Florida. Since these chapters are often in transition, if you need information on chapters in other areas, email and we will try to help.
Our meetings are primarily social in nature.  We furnish a changing room for members or guests unable to arrive dressed.  In addition to dinner, we socialize, hold a very brief “business meeting,” consisting of recognition, appreciation, and announcements, and feature speakers, presenters, or fun activities.  We DO NOT get into long, boring discussions over finances, by-laws, etc.  Our primary purpose is to help you become comfortable with yourself and achieve Self Acceptance.  Often, the  Crossdressers and the wives/partners break up into separate groups after dinner so they can discuss unique problems or provide support to those who might need it. Additional fun begins after the meeting when small groups of Crossdressers who want to be more adventuresome change into their best evening wear and visit one of the several bars and clubs in the area that welcome us.
Our monthly meetings are not limited to the Saturday night affair. We host a group who go to “Girls Night Out” GNO dinner the Friday night before the monthly meeting. Dinner and drinks are enjoyed as a group in a local gender-friendly restaurant at varying venues.
Saturday is shopping day for those who wish to visit local malls and stores. A list of gender friendly stores, bars, clubs, restaurants and other resources in Central Florida guide our members in finding places to go and things to do.
Sunday morning following the meeting will almost always find members en femme and en drab at the host hotel for breakfast.
We have a great group made up of very nice people.  People who aren’t nice don’t stick around.   While the attendance varies with the season due to so many seasonal Floridians and winter visitors, we always have a good-sized group and a great meeting weekend. If you’re out of state and want more information on visiting us during one of your vacations to Florida, please contact us in advance of your trip for an interview and a copy of our rules of decorum. Every Florida and south Georgia cross dresser or gender gifted person should visit and will benefit by joining our group. We have members from all over Florida, as far away as the Keys and the Panhandle, who travel to Orlando to meet with us monthly!
Phi Epsilon Mu and You!