A support group for Crossdressers, Transgenders, and their Families in Central Florida.




PHI EPSILON MU (FEM), is a not-for-profit, non-sexual support and social group of Transgender People including Crossdressers, their wives, partners, and friends.  We welcome all Transgender people, and do not discriminate against any.  We provide a secure, friendly atmosphere where Transgender folk can associate with others sharing their lifestyles, fears, and concerns while exploring their transgender selves in order to achieve self acceptance.  Our members enjoy expressing the feminine side of their personality.  We are not a fetish or exhibitionist group.

Disclaimer: For our purposes, the term Transgender applies to all within the community interchangeably.


Any event or action which contradicts the above mission statement shall be in violation of the basic rules of operation of the chapter.  These include but are not limited to breaches of the security of the members or guests, any action that may discredit the chapter, or any action harmful to the well being of any member or the chapter in general so deemed by the board of directors.



 Membership with the group shall run January through December of each year. Annual membership dues shall be decided by the serving board and are payable January through March of each year.  The dues include both the Member and partner.  New members joining after May 1st shall remit to pro-rated dues.  A separate schedule is maintained for this purpose by the treasurer. Members not paying by March 31st shall be dropped.  Members are entitled to unlimited attendance of the monthly meetings, any group activities, a copy of the monthly group newsletter, and membership in the groups private Yahoo group.  They have the right to vote on chapter business.

All prospective members shall be interviewed by a board member or long time member(s) approved by the Board, prior to being invited to attend a meeting.  All guests must be cleared by a board member and the President.


Members attending monthly meetings are required to pay a meeting fee at each meeting they attend. The partner may be required to pay a meeting fee at each meeting they attend. Visitors from other groups or first time visitors need not pay the meeting fee.  Non-members must join as a full member before attending their second meeting.



The President and Vice President shall be elected by vote of the entire membership in November of every even numbered year starting in 2016.  One month’s prior notice shall be given in the newsletter. 


The President and Vice President will hold that office for a two year term and an election held, the President and Vice President can run for reelection at that time.   If at any time the President is unable to remain in office during her two year term and until a proper election can be held, the incumbent Vice President shall assume the office until an election is held.  If the Vice President declines the office, then the presidency shall succeed to the treasurer. 


In November of odd numbered years, vote shall be taken for the other offices of the Board of Directors. Each Board position shall be for a two year term, incumbents can apply for reelection. Votes may be cast by email prior to the meeting or in person at the meeting.  The treasurer shall record the voting which will be decided by a simple majority of voting members.  Notification of the vote shall appear in the October newsletter.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Librarian, and two Members at Large.  Spouses or Significant Others may also serve as Directors. Should any Board member, other than the President be unable to remain in office for the  two year term the President can select a replacement from the members for the interim till the next election.


Board meetings shall occur as called by the president.  A quorum is necessary for any decisions affecting membership.


The Board of Directors may recommend the removal of the President from office for cause they have deemed appropriate.  The recommendation must be submitted to the membership at the next scheduled meeting and a vote of 2/3 of the members present at the next meeting is required to enact such recommendation.


A member of the Board of Directors may be recommended for removal from office for cause deemed appropriate.  Such recommendation shall be submitted to The President for investigation, then submitted to the Board of Directors for review before being placed before the membership of the next scheduled meeting where a vote of 2/3 of the members present is required to enact this recommendation.  As with the president situation above, a vote of the entire membership may be necessary in event of too many conflicts.



 All persons attending monthly meetings or other functions shall display good manners and dress en femme. Outrageous or inappropriate clothing, loud and obnoxious conduct, etc. are not permitted.  Such behavior will result in dismissal from the meeting and could jeopardize membership with the group as deemed by the current board.  No Alcoholic beverages will be served.  Phi Epsilon Mu and it’s officers or directors are not liable for any actions occurring from such behavior.  We are using facilities where inappropriate behavior may be cause for complaints to the manager and could cause considerable trouble.  Failure to comply may result your being asked to leave.


The changing room is made available for members wishing to stay over after the meeting at a nominal fee set by the board of directors.


Facial hair is not permitted when en femme.  Please remember we are often in the presence of some very sensitive persons.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, members must dress en femme after the first meeting.



Members or visitors may not disclose any information about another member that may compromise that member (or partner) in terms of male identity, occupation, or locale.  Photographs may not be taken without the express permission of the subject(s).  Photographs may not be posted to the internet without the express permission of the subject(s).  Members may not disclose the location of the meeting without permission of the President or Vice President.



Should the group dissolve, it must be by a 2/3 vote of all active members via an email vote. All responses shall be received within 2 weeks of the notification.  Should dissolution be approved, all funds will be transferred to an organization engaged in the advancement of Transgender causes as determined by the Board of Directors.  No monies shall be returned to chapter members.  The groups other assets i.e. photo albums, website, group files, supplies, etc. will be disposed of by the direction of the current board.



These descriptions are not meant to be specific, but general in nature and may include other responsibilities as determined as necessary.  Responsibilities may be delegated as necessary.


President:  The president is responsible for the overall direction and good “health” of the group.  The President shall conduct meetings, account for group belongings and supplies, arrange for speakers and activities, meeting spaces, and changing facilities.  The meetings shall be chaired to a prepared agenda which then becomes the meeting minutes. The president shall appoint officers, directors, committee chairs, and volunteers as necessary.


Vice President:  The vice president shall assume all responsibilities of the president in the event of her absence.  The VP shall also maintain all group records, including membership forms, statements, and receipts.


Treasurer:  The treasurer shall maintain group finances, including periodic reporting to the membership, control of the financial records, and taking of monies at meetings and banking the same.  Accepting monies at meetings may be delegated as necessary. 


Secretary:  Due to the informal nature of the organization, there is no formal secretary position.  The marked up copies of the president’s agenda’s shall be kept as informal minutes.


Directors:  Directors shall be responsible for conveying the general mood, commentary, and suggestions of the membership to the president. They may also serve in committee functions until permanent volunteers may be found, should a vacancy go unfilled.